Non noble metal Hydrazine/air Direct Liquid Fuel Cell


Fuel cells (FC) are promising electrochemical devices that convert chemical energy into electrical energy directly. Herein we present a novel anode for ammonia-borane fuel cell  composed of nanostructured metallic copper. We have demonstrated that copper acts as a highly-efficient catalyst and ultra long-lasting material for the direct electro-oxidation of hydrazine (and other amino derivatives as well). Our Cu/ hydrazine anode (10cm2) was combined with commercial air cathode (Electric Fuel. Ltd.) coated by a home-made PVA\ PEG protective layer. Our AB\ hydrazine fuel cell outputs of 0.45W at 1A, supplies 2.5Wh and provide 1,300 Wh/Kg. The hydrazine discharge efficiency is ca. 85%.